Best Face Moisturizer Before Makeup?

What is the best moisturizer before applying makeup?

The Best Priming Moisturizers to Apply Before Makeup

  • First Aid Beauty Coconut Skin Moisturizer. First Aid Beauty’s Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer is a two-in-one moisturizer and makeup gripping primer.
  • Glossier Priming Moisturizer.
  • Embryollisse Lait-Creme Concentre.
  • Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream.
  • Vichy Aqualia Mineral Water Gel.
  • Korres Greek Yoghurt Smoothie.

Is it OK to put moisturizer before makeup?


Set your skin up for success by moisturizing before you head out for the day. Moisturizing should be the last step in your skin care routine before applying makeup, so don’t forget to use a face cream or lotion before applying your foundation or makeup primer.

How do you moisturize your face before makeup?

How I Prep My Skin Before Applying Makeup –

How long should you moisturize before applying makeup?

Wait at least five minutes.

The moisturizer needs some time to form a smooth, even surface over your skin. Wait anywhere from five to thirty minutes before putting on makeup, or you may struggle with uneven application or even acne breakouts.

How do I keep my makeup from looking cakey?

How to Avoid Cakey Foundation Like a Pro

  1. First, make sure you moisturize.
  2. Prep skin with primer.
  3. Choose the right foundation formula.
  4. Pick your perfect shade.
  5. Use the right makeup brush.
  6. Remember that less is more.
  7. Blend, blend, blend.
  8. Set your look.

How long should you wait to apply foundation after moisturizer?

After applying your moisturizer, you should wait at least 5 minutes before applying your foundation. If you have a thicker moisturizer, wait at least 15 minutes before applying foundation. This lets your moisturizer fully absorb into your skin to provide you the perfect base for your makeup.

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When applying makeup what goes on first?

So there you have it. In the class of makeup best practices 101, makeup artists recommend applying eye makeup first before moving on to face makeup with foundation first and then (and only then) concealer.

What to apply on face before sleeping?

Use a brush. Facial cleansing brushes provide a great way to smooth skin, clear pores, remove dead skin, and prevent breakouts. Simply apply your favorite facial cleanser to your face and then gently massage it in with your facial cleansing brush, relaxing your skin and your face as you prepare to go to sleep.

Can I apply foundation after moisturizer?

Don’t apply foundation right after moisturizing.

Always give your moisturizer time (as long as 15 minutes) to absorb into your skin before applying foundation.

Can moisturizer be mixed with foundation?

Not to mention, mixing your foundation with a moisturizer will sheer it out, resulting in a more natural, dewy finish (which is so popular right now!) A little goes a long way, so just adding a tiny drop of moisturizer or serum into your foundation before mixing and applying works wonders.

How long do you leave primer on before foundation?

five minutes