Prom Makeup Artist Near Me?

How much does prom makeup cost?

The average cost for a prom makeup artist is $80.

Hiring a prom makeup artist, you will likely spend between $60 and $110.

The price of prom makeup services can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code).

Get free estimates from makeup artists near you.

How much does it cost to get your makeup done at Sephora for prom?

I would recommend calling the store for an appointment. For a list of store numbers and locations nearest you, visit the Store Locator. All Full Sephora locations offer Makeup Consultations, this service costs $50 (it comes in the form of a giftcard).

What places do makeup for prom?

Best Prom Makeup Artist Near Me

  • Hair & Makeup By Jenn Hom. 32 reviews. Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists.
  • The Girls’ Lounge. 43 reviews. Makeup Artists, Eyelash Service.
  • Professional Makeup Artistry. 76 reviews.
  • Fresh Face Makeup. 128 reviews.
  • Forever Makeup By Lily H. 43 reviews.
  • Glamour by Kary Li. 114 reviews.
  • Make-up By Mark. 23 reviews.
  • Locks Lashes Lips. 27 reviews.

What time should I get my makeup done for prom?

Scibelli says that 45 minutes should be a good amount of time for skin and makeup—and that section of time should bet set aside after hair and nails. “I suggest getting your makeup done after your hair and nails.